21 Drops: Modern Approach to Aromatherapy

Apr 13, 2011
Many people nowadays turn to aromatherapy as a natural and pleasant way to treat various health problems. In fact, essential oils can really relieve some of the symptoms and improve your well-being. However, the art of blending essential oils is really too complicated to make it on your own.

Cary Caster, an expert in medicinal plants, who was studying the effects of the essential oils on the body, made this task a lot easier for everyone. The 21 Drops were created as a range of essential oils that are easy to understand and convenient to use.

All the 21 essential oil blends were named so you don't need to guess what is meant for what. The 21 Drops Line includes the blends for many common health conditions , such as for PMS, insomnia, lack of concentration, cold and flu, lack of strength, stresses and others. You do not need to diffuse the oils as they are fully prepared for application.

The oil blend is applied to the skin with the roller ball applicator. All the essential oils are 100 percent natural, organic or wild crafted.