Adiri Natural Nurser Ultimate Bottle is Like a Mother's Breast

Dec 16, 2010
While many women would agree that breast is the best, baby bottles are still one of the things that most new mothers will need during the first year of the baby. This is especially true when a mother needs to feed the baby from the bottle and a baby refuses the conventional bottle.

The Adiri Natural Nurser Ultimate Baby Bottle has an innovative design that resembles a breast. And this is a truly amazing feature! This nurser is soft to touch with the nipple that is just like a mother's breast. It does not have any additional parts that should be assembled and simply goes as one nipple and bottle body. The Adiri Nurser has unique Fill Twist and Feed system that prevents colic with the help of leak-resistant petal vent.

The Adiri Nurser is an eco-friendly baby bottle that is BPA and phthalate-free. The sleek cover keeps the bottle from leaking and getting dirty when you take it along. Besides, Adiri Nurser is easy-to-use, even if one of your hands is busy lulling your baby. You can safely clean it in dishwasher, or even boil and sterilize.

The bottle is available in three stages: white for the stage 1 with slow flow, blue for the stage 2 with med flow and orange for the stage 3 with fast flow.