AeroShot: Energy Shots with Zero Calories

Oct 20, 2011
If getting up in the morning seems like a hard task to do, you may try quick method to wake yourself up.

AeroShot is an innovative product designed by David Edwards, a professor at Harvard University, who together with Tom Hadfield created a number of Breathable Foods products. One of the examples of such Breathable Foods is Le Whif inhaler that gives you the taste of the product, like chocolate, without calories, just by inhaling it.

AeroShot is basically a cartridge that contain powder of vitamin B and 100 mg of caffeine, which equals o drinking a large cup of coffee. But unlike drinking coffee, inhaling Aeroshot will not give you any calories or taste, but will simply rev up your energy level in seconds. The device that looks like a shotgun shell contains about 6-8 puffs of energy aerosol.

The energy shot will be available in Boston and New York in 90 days.

More info at Aeroshot.com