Anti-Ageing Pill That Reduces Wrinkles

Sep 30, 2011
Women are ready to spend great amount of money on anti-ageing creams, beauty procedures and potions. However, staying young may soon become just as easy as taking your daily pill of youth.

Unilever-owned Dove Spa has introduced an anti-ageing supplement that can make your skin look smoother and fight wrinkles from the inside.

The Dove Spa Strength Within Anti-Wrinkle Supplement as the study shows can actually "combat wrinkles from the deeper layers of the skin". The pill, which was developed by Unliever specialists, was tested on 480 women from UK, France and Germany over five years. The scientists used the scientifically proven ingredients that are known to fight ageing signs and found their best combination.
The findings of the research show that this supplement reduces deep wrinkles around eyes by 30 percent.

The Strength Within supplement consists of vitamin C and E, soya isoflavones, lycopene from tomatoes and omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil.

The combination works by increasing the production of collagen and estrogen that make your skin look younger, smoother and wrinkle-free.