New Fitness Trend: Anti-gravity Workouts

Mar 28, 2012
Want to get fit and seek low-impact workout? Try one of the newest fitness crazes, such as gravity-defying workouts. Nowadays there are many options of workouts that take you in the air, like anti-gravity yoga, climbing exercises and even anti-gravity treadmills, such as Alter-G.

Alter-G is a treadmill that uses latest technology to gently lift you up and allows you to feel light during working out. It reduces body weight of up to 80 percent, which in turn has less impact on joints and muscles.

Another option to most gravity-altering workout, such as swimming, may be climbing exercises, which also can become effective for muscle training, including core muscles.

Anty-gravity yoga with students working out in hammocks is a new way to stretch your body, which also allows to relieve pressure and tension and boosts circulation and lymphatic system.

So what are the benefits of altered gravity workout? First of all anti-gravity exercises are great low-impact form of workout, which is important for older people and those who suffer from excessive weight. It allows less pressure and tension on joints, reduces the risk of injury and provides minimal impact cardiovascular workout. But probably above all is the fun aspect of such workouts that can become a great motivation for those, who want to keep on working out.