Anti-stress Pen Reduces Nervousness

Dec 22, 2010
A student has developed a new pen that is able to measure and reduce the user's stress level. Miguel Bruns Alonso from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands came up with the idea of creating a pen that could detect stress and help to alleviate it.

The gadget senses nervous movements and at this point the electromagnet inside the pen makes it difficult to move, which encourages the user to slow the movements.  The idea is based on a notion that people start playing with their pen when they feel stressed. The effect of the electromagnets stops when a person discontinues playing with the pen.

The findings of the experiments showed that people, who received feedback using this pen, had a five percent lower heart rate, if compared to those, who did not use the stress-reducing pen. Thus, the pen can be used to alleviate short-term stress and interfere to change the person's behavior in a constructive way.