Antioxidants Increase Your Chances of Conception

Jan 19, 2011
If you've been trying long to conceive a baby and have not succeed yet, you may need a boost from antioxidants, scientists say.

The review published by the Cochrane Library revealed that men, who took antioxidant supplements, had more chances to make their partner pregnant. The study included 2,876 couples, who underwent fertility treatments, such as IVF and sperm injections. Most men in the study were diagnosed with low sperm count and decreased sperm motility. During the study, 34 trials were performed, were men took different types of antioxidants, such as vitamin E, L-carnitine, zinc and magnesium.

Male subfertility, characterized as reduced ability to fertilize the egg, affects one in 20 men. Antioxidants are known to lower damage to sperm cells, which often reduces sperm quality.

The results of the trials showed that couples, where the man took antioxidants, had more chances of conceiving and having live birth. Researchers say that antioxidants were effective at increasing sperm motility and sperm count. Further studies are needed to understand, which antioxidants work the best to increase fertility.