Autom, the Robot for Weight Loss Management

Apr 29, 2010
A new robot that helps you keep your weight under control through the diet and exercising will soon be available in the US market.

The Autom from Intuitive Automata, the 15-inch robot was developed by Cory Kidd, a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The Autom robot works as a personal coach that watches over your calories and improvements in your weight loss plan.

Autom is designed not only to give valuable information about diets, weight loss and exercising, but also to interact with the user. It can maintain eye contact, uses simple gestures to make you feel more personalized approach. You can talk to the Autom using LCD touch screen, specify what you have eaten and how long you have worked out today. This health gadget is connected to the Internet, and gains all the information about the user, analyzes weight loss progress or drawbacks and gives recommendations based on the user's data.

The recent study found that people, who used the Autom, were twice as long to keep to their weight loss program than those who used computer-based system or paper-based plan. The designer of the Autom said that the human qualities of the robot became a key factor in keeping users weight under control.

Autom is a new kind of robots that is developed to interact with humans. The company plans to release an advanced model that recognizes human voice and communicates with the user. Also the users will have an opportunity to make robot more personalized, changing its voice, color, clothes and other characteristics.