Baby Plus Prenatal Education System for Smart Babies

Apr 06, 2010
Parents, who want to make their baby smart and calm from the birth now can start learning right from the womb. The innovative Baby Plus Prenatal Education System was designed by scientists to enhance your child development while you are pregnant. The Baby Plus system is a specially developed audio lessons that give your unborn baby an opportunity to distinguish rhythmic sounds from mother's heartbeat and other sounds. This will become your baby's first learning experience that has numerous psychological, emotional and developmental benefits for your baby's health.

The Baby Plus Prenatal Education System includes a battery-operated unit with 16 rhythmic sounds and a pouch that is wrapped around a mother's belly. The system is supposed to be used on a regular basis beginning from the 18 to 32 weeks of pregnancy twice a day for about one hour each session. The system was suggested by Dr. Brent Logan, a psychologist, who used various sounds for prenatal education quite successfully for many years.

The sounds will help your baby differentiate between mother's heartbeat and other sounds and improve baby's responsiveness. In the long run, the Baby Plus System promises to make your baby more calm, increase baby's alertness, help your baby sleep and nurse better and reach developmental milestones earlier.

Many parents, who have already used the Baby Plus Prenatal Education System claim that the results are amazing. Most of them say that their babies were more peaceful, attentive and learned successfully from the early months.