Babyloid Robot for Depression Treatment

Jan 24, 2012
The new robot developed by Japanese inventors is meant to cure the feelings of loneliness and depression in older people.

Babyloid was designed to look like a baby that requires your attention, reacting to movement, temperature, pressure and light. The cute robot interacts with you by crying or laughing, depending on the environment with the help of sensors. The red led lights illuminate when the robot is glad and blue lights indicate that it "feels" unhappy. It has a wide variety of sounds up to 100) to tell about its emotions. It is supposed that you will hold and take care of the robot, which in turn will beat the blues and cure depression.

In fact the study on elderly people in nursing home, who spent at least 90 minutes a day with the robot, showed that Babyloid effectively reduces depression. For now the prototype was made for nursing homes, but if it will be produced for the market, the price will be around $ 1,300.