BARE: Air-free Baby Bottle That is Like Mother's Breast

May 20, 2011
Every mother knows that breast is best, when it comes to feeding your baby. But when breastfeeding is impossible or your baby needs additional milk supply, baby bottles that work as close to mother's breast as possible can be become the second best thing.

BARE is a baby bottle developed by Priska Diaz, a New York mother who wanted to design bottle that could better imitate mother's breast. The BARE bottle features a patented air-plug in the bottom of the bottle that helps to let out the air and therefore allow air-free feeding, while it is known that air ingestion is associated with baby colic. This system also helps to preserve milk's nutrients better as it does not come in contact with air.

Another unique feature of the BARE bottle is its "perfe-latch" nipple that feels as natural as mother's breast. The specially designed nipple tip can extend twice its length during feeding, promoting proper latching and five angled orifices allow to provide milk when the baby is feeding, while the strength of baby's sucking regulates the flow of the milk.

The bottle's design allows feeding the baby in any position, which can become a great advantage, promoting baby's self-feeding.

You can get more information at Bittylab.com