The Basis Band: New Health Monitoring Device

Jan 19, 2012
Innovative health gadgets like Fitbit and Jawbone Up help us stay fit and become a great motivational tool. The new Basis Band is a watch-like device that tracks a variety of metrics, including heart rate, calories burned, temperature, sleep quality and other useful data.

It features five body sensors: one that tracks your motions, an optical sensor that watches over the changes in blood flow to tell you everything about your heart rate, an accelerometer that measures your activity level, galvanic skin response to track your sweat levels and two thermometers to measure your skin and environmental temperature.

The data is sent to a personal dashboard, where you can view the information about your calories burned, activity level, steps, quantity of sleep, heart rate and even stress level. The Basis also sets goals and give you health points for better motivation.

The Basis Band will be available in early 2012 and will cost 199 dollars with a free cloud service.