Bedometer iPhone App Helps to Shed Pounds During Sex

Mar 26, 2010
Bedometer, a new iPhone application was developed to estimate how many calories you have burned having sex.

The application was created by Livvy Thompson, a 25-year-old woman from Islington, North London, who wanted to make her less energetic partner become more active. The Bedometer evaluates the time and power of each sexual encounter, telling you how many calories you have burned during sex session. You can simply place your iPhone on your bed and the gadget will give you the stats using motion sensor. The achievements can be directly posted on Facebook.

The inventor of this iPhone application said that it became very effective and just 15 minutes of sex burned as much as 200 calories for each of them.

Bedometer can also be used with another iPhone application called the Passion, which scrutinizes your sexual performance and gives recommendations how to become a better lover.