Belly Band to Protect Pregnant Women from Radiation

Nov 25, 2010
If you one of those women, who wants to make sure that you did everything to protect your future child from the harmful effects of radiation, you may need specially designed maternity band.

Belly Armor is a new line of maternity clothing that is developed by RadiaShield  company, based in New York and Singapore. The company has introduced its T-shirts and blankets that offer protection against radiation coming from cell phones and other devices.

The Belly Band is the latest addition to the Belly Armor range of maternity essentials. It is worn under the clothes and comes in different colors. Besides the supporting your growing belly and your lower back, it also serves as a radiation shield. The material is very thin, soft and lightweight, and can be easily machine-washable.

The Belly Band, like other Bely Armor pieces are made of RadiaShield fabric, patented conductive textile containing silver fiber, which is completely safe to use during pregnancy. The fabric in the maternity band neutralizes the electromagnetic waves just like a grounding wire does it with electric current.