Belly Band that Lets You See the Development of Your Baby

Mar 24, 2011
Parents, expecting their first child, often want to know every detail of their baby's growth. The developers of the PreVue eTextile Device wanted to give parents the possibility to get familiar with baby's growth when it is still in the womb.

The PreVue was created by Melody Shiue, an industrial designer of the University of New South Wales. It that looks like a pregnancy belt and features an electronic textile screen with a specially designed ultrasonic layer that shows the image of the baby, baby's movements, kicks and smiles during its fetal development.

This innovative gadget concept was created to help parents bond with their child, making both parents, especially fathers see what's going on with their child even before it is born.

While this great device is not available yet, the idea of developing a device that makes "fetal visualization" so easy is incredible and quite difficult to implement.