Belly Buds Play Music to Your Baby in Utero

Oct 19, 2010
We all want to give out best to our children even before they are born. If you've already heard about the benefits of music listening on the growing child, including the higher IQ, then you can start right from the time you baby is conceived.

The Belly Buds are new wearable speakers that can be attached to your belly with the help of adhesive rings and worn under your clothes to play music for your little one. They do not come with a belt or strap or buckle, but simply stay in place while you are doing your regular tasks.

They are lightweight, portable and comfortable to wear. You just need to plug it into your music player or even computer and listen to Mozart, or any other music that you feel can be appropriate, stimulating, relaxing and beneficial for your baby. The splitter allows to listen for mom too, so that you can feel joyful and stress-free during pregnancy.

The Belly Buds can also become a perfect gift for your pregnant wife or friend. You can make your baby familiar with the voices of all family members, recording them and playing to the baby to create that special bond.