Better Marriage Blanket Absorbs Farts

May 17, 2010
One thing that most couples would not talk about is the problem of the passing gas in the most inappropriate place, such as bed. Everyone is doing it, but still the situation when the closest person sniffs out the unpleasant odor may kill passion in no time.

The Better Marriage Blanket was designed for all couples, who want to live happily ever after without embarrassing sounds and odors. The blanket is able to absorb flatulence thanks to its material that contains activated carbon. The same material of this health gadget is used by the military to protect against chemical attacks, so you can be sure that even the smelliest farts will be absorbed quickly and effectively. The manufacturer claims that the Better Marriage Blanket can become a great gift for newly married and experienced couples.

So the next time when you and your partner enjoy baked beans and cabbage salad, make sure you make love on the right blanket. And you will no longer feel guilty about breaking wind in the wrong time and place.