Better Sex for Successful Conception

Dec 19, 2008
Couples often ask if there are some lovemaking secrets to successful conception. Surely, the conception should be not only well-planned but also quite pleasant for both partners. How to improve your sex life to get pregnant as soon as possible?

Timing sex for conception

The most important thing is to have sex during the woman's fertile phase. The chances of conceiving during ovulation increase up to 40 percent, while your chances one to three days before the ovulation are around 30 percent. First of all, you will need to evaluate the approximate day of ovulation. On average, an ovulation occurs around 14 days before the beginning of menstruation. The most favorable days for conception start from 4 to 6 days before ovulation till the 1 or 2 days after it. Having sexual intercourse during these days will increase your chances for conception.

Frequency of sex for conception

How often should you have sex in order to conceive? Earlier, it was considered that couples need to abstain for 2 or 3 days to boost the sperm count. However, the recent research of Australian scientists revealed that frequent sex actually increases sperm quality and couple's chances to conceive. In spite of the fact, that the amount of sperm will decrease, you will benefit from its quality. Having sex more frequent may be especially useful for men with damaged sperm.

Sex positions for conception

Though, there is no evidence that certain sex positions will lead to successful conception, some sex positions may increase your chances of getting pregnant. One of the best is missionary position with man on top because this allows deeper penetration and more chances for sperm to swim easily through the cervix. You may place a pillow under your hips to increase your chances to conceive. You may also try doggie style sex position with man penetrating woman from behind and spoons position with partners lying side by side.

Simultaneous orgasm and conception

British study showed that having simultaneous orgasm with your partner boosts your chances of getting pregnant. During an orgasm contractions of the uterus help sperm swim towards the egg for fertilization. Couples who enjoy sex are more likely to conceive because the release of endorphins during an arousal and orgasm create favorable conditions for conception.

Lubricants and conception

Using artificial lubricants may be an obstacle towards getting pregnant. Lubricants make it harder for sperm to move thus it would be better to avoid them if you are trying to conceive. The best thing to do is to provide natural lubrication for a woman. You may need a longer foreplay or additional stimulation of erogenous zones to get in the mood.

One of the most important things is to enjoy sex with your partner to ensure successful conception. Many couples trying to conceive fail only because they focus too much on timing and cannot relax. Sex without pleasure not only harms your sex life but reduces your chances to conceive.