BioBrite Sunrise Clock Uses Light To Wake You Up

Apr 11, 2011
If you hate waking up with the screaming sounds of the alarm clock, try more natural way that will get you off bed gently just like a sunrise.

The BioBrite Sunrise Clock is a different alarm clock that uses light to imitate sunrise and sunset to help you fall asleep and wake up easy and refreshed.

The idea of such natural-like alarm clock comes from scientific studies that say that our biological clock is receptive to low intensity light in the morning. In other words the slowly increasing sunrise light makes you wake up smoothly without the feeling of tiredness and sleepiness.

You simply can set the BioBrite Sunrise Clock at cycles of 15, 30, 60 or 90 minutes and this alarm clock will emit the light of the sunrise just in time when you need to wake up. It also has audible alarm that will beep just when you are ready for that.

One of the best things about this sleep gadget is its ability not only to wake you up, but also to help you fall asleep easier. The dusk cycle imitates gradual sunset that tells you body when it's time to fall asleep. LCD front display fades as your body prepares for sleep.

The BioBrite Sunrise Clock also features a dimmer to use it as a bedside lamp for reading.