Bite Counter Watches Over Your Bites

Aug 05, 2011
If you decided to lose some extra weight and want some motivation, you can use a special tool to control your appetite.

The Bite Counter is a health gadget developed by specialists at Clemson University in South Carolina that helps you manage your calories intake by tracking the number of bites you take and sounds an alarm, if you ate too much. The health watch analyzes the wrist motions, which indicate that a person took a bite. The number of bites is counted.

Bite Counter keeps track of every bite you take, while you can set the number of bites for each meal. When you surpass the limit, the counter sounds an alarm, warning you to stop eating. You can also view the data from the computer to see your progress.

Although, the device counts only the number of bites and does not scrutinize the number of calories, the trials have shown that it is more than 90 percent accurate. While the Bite Counter tracks motions made by your hand, you might ask whether the device does not confuse other motions for the bite. The developers of the counter say that the effect of false counting in the long-term is minimal because we tend to do the same motions during meals.

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