Blood Test to Tell About Egg Levels Developed

Feb 22, 2010
Scientists came up with a new and easy way to find out if a woman is fertile by developing a hormonal test that says how many eggs are left in a woman's body.

The test called anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) test determines the level of the fertility hormone that indicates if a woman has enough eggs left in the ovaries to get pregnant.

Peter Illingworth, a medical director of IVF Australia, who developed so-called "egg timer" says that the blood test that the test will be particularly helpful for women, who want to get pregnant after 35 and older. Also the AMH test will be able to predict fertility problems for women, who underwent treatments for cancer, endometriosis or had surgery on the ovaries. Women will have an opportunity to find out if they face the increased risk of premature menopause, the condition when a woman's ovaries stop functioning properly before age 40.

It is known that women are born with around two million eggs and this number starts declining rapidly with the age. A twenty year old woman has around 200,000 eggs in her ovaries, while there are only 2,000 eggs left in her late thirties. The blood test will be available in Australian IVF clinics to couples with the price of only US.