Body Gel to Become New Contraceptive Option for Women

Oct 26, 2010
There is a lot of debate about the side effects of birth control pill. Millions of women use the Pill, but still many of us wish they had a better alternative to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Scientists came up with a new gel that should be rubbed into the skin daily to provide contraceptive effect. The clear gel called Nestorone Estradial that was developed by NY researchers contains hormones progesterone and oestrogen similar to the Pill hormones. But the scientists used Nestorone, a new type of progesterone, which causes fewer side effects than the birth control pill.

The trials of 18 women showed that after three months of use, the gel was as effective in preventing pregnancy as the Pill, but women reported about fewer side effects such as weight gain, acne, headaches and mood changes.

The gel is easy to use, you only have to rub small amount of gel into the legs, arms, shoulders or abdomen every day. The sex hormones will be released into the blood to interfere with the natural production of sex hormones in the body. Women will also have to discontinue using the gel for a week to have their periods.

Scientists say that even breastfeeding women could use the new contraceptive gel as it does not interfere with the production of milk.

The new contraceptive gel can appear in the next few years, but more long-term studies are needed to prove the its effectiveness.