BOSU Balance Trainer for Fun Full-body Home Workout

Mar 16, 2010
Bosu Balance Trainer has shortly became one of the most popular health gadgets among sportspeople and those, who want to stay fit and prefer to do it at the comfort of their home. It looks like a common fitness balance ball sliced in half, but does a lot more for your body than regular exercising.

BOSU Balance Trainer is a home workout kit that is designed for strengthening and improving your body's coordination through balance. The Bosu means "both sides utilized", which reflects its training approach to involve physical exercising and mindful approach. You have the opportunity not only to tone your tummy, back or butt, but involve your full body at once, strengthening the muscles that you don't even see.

The kit includes a blue Bosu Balance Trainer, a fitness DVD, foot pump and exercise manual to get you familiar with the basic workouts for it. Due to the Bosu Balance Trainer shape that encourages you to boost your alertness, coordination and strength, your body gets a full workout.

The Bosu Balance Trainer can be applied in many ways, including cardio fitness, endurance, core training, step workouts and flexibility training. You can use the blue side up or down to tone different body parts in various positions. In addition, the workouts no longer feel dull and routine, but more like fun.

Everyone can use Bosu Balance Trainer, including your grandma or your kids because it is suitable for a wide range of workouts and physical capabilities.