A Boy or a Girl? Science Facts

Feb 10, 2009
What are your chances of having a boy or a girl? Many parents-to-be are trying to conceive a baby of particular gender. Aside from old wives tales, several scientific studies suggested that odds of having a boy or a girl depend on certain factors, such as:


According to the internet survey women have more chances of having a boy if they are craving spicy food, while women pregnant with girls prefer chocolate.
The study conducted at University of Exeter and University of Oxford found that women are more likely to have boys if they preferred high-energy food with the increased intake of protein, fat, folic acid, vitamin C and cereals.

Weight gain

Scientists revealed that women gaining extra weight between pregnancies have more chances of having a boy during their second pregnancy. According to the study conducted at Harvard School of Public Health and Karolinska Institutet that included more than 220,000 women, increase in weight between the first and the second pregnancies seems to favor the birth of boys. However, scientists warn that women should not try to gain more weight at conception or during pregnancy to have a baby boy because excessive weight can become an obstacle to successful conception and puts certain health risks to the mother and developing baby.

Personality traits

Interesting enough, scientists discovered the link between woman's outlook and chances of having a boy or a girl. Dr. Johns at Kent University revealed that optimistic women have better chances of producing boys. She asked moms-to-be how long they expected to live and found that women, having optimistic frame of mind were more likely to have boys. It was explained by the fact that psychological outlook may somehow influence the level of sex hormones at conception.

Another study revealed that energetic and dominant women have better chances of having a boy than a girl. It seems that women with higher levels of testosterone have more favorable environment for the sperm that produces boys. It was also noted that stressed women also have higher levels of testosterone that may increase their chances of having a baby boy.


If takes you longer to conceive, you are more likely to have a baby boy when you succeed. According to Dutch study, for women who took more than a year to get pregnant, chances of having a boy are higher (58 percent). It is known that it may take longer for women having more viscous mucus to get pregnant because it is more difficult for sperm to swim. But if a woman succeeds in getting pregnant it is more likely that sperm producing boys got through as they are faster than X (female) bearing sperm.


Feb 07, 2010 06:14 PM » posted by: 7claig
What the woman does has a lot to do with it. The environment for conception can vary in acidity. Just like drinking coffee reduces fertility in a woman's body, there are environments that better favor male or female sperm. It is perfectly logical.

Jun 22, 2009 10:11 PM » posted by: Unkown
While the actual determination of gender depends on the sperm (whether it carries the X or Y chromosome), in most cases the main determinant statistically is where the egg is positioned upon fertilization or timing of intercourse as it relates to ovulation. If the egg is positioned closer to the ejaculation point then it is more likely that the offspring will be male. However, if it is positioned further from the ejaculation point then it is more likely to be female. This is because sperms carrying the Y chromosome are generally faster, but lack the endurance of those carrying the X chromosome (think Y=sprinter and X=marathoner). Therefore, when intercourse takes place prior to ovulation you are more likely to have a girl and when it takes place at the same time as ovulation you are more likely to have a boy. This argument remains valid unless there are abnormalities in the sperm cells that result in an unproportional number of live sperm cells carrying, say a X chromosome.

Apr 07, 2009 08:41 AM » posted by: Unknown
Actually it does, although men produce either the X or y sperm, depending on the womens lifestyle increases the chances of either. Example because the Y sperm have a high motility rate can be faster then X sperm. However sperm with the x chromosome live longer so women who try to conceive a day before expected ovulation have a higher chance of having a girl because the X chromosome sperm will out live the others making it to ovulation time. And other predisposing factors.

Mar 27, 2009 09:11 PM » posted by: Unknown
This is compelete nonsense. It's based on the male sperm first of all. So whatever the woman does has nothing to do with it.

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