Breastlight to Allow Better Self-Exam of your Breast

Apr 14, 2009
A new device called Breatslight was released to help women do regular check-ups of their breasts to detect early signs of any abnormalities.

Breast self-examination is the best way to reveal any changes in the breast that may indicate a number of health problems and detect breast cancer at an early stage. However, many women are not sure if they do breast self-exams correct. Regular breast self-exams help them feel more confident about their breast health.

Breastlight makes breast check-ups easier and gives a clear view of your breasts. The devise works by sending a powerful light through the breast tissue. It lights breast areas for any suspicious signs, like lumps, nipple changes or unusual spots.

To perform a breast self-exam you need to turn on the Breastlight and press it against the skin of each breast to see any signs of abnormalities. The procedure is done in the dark so that you can detect the changes in the breast more accurately. There are four settings for brightness to adjust to the proper level for clear view of your breast. The indicator on the Breastlight display shows the last day you used the device to remind you when to perform your next check-up.

It is recommended to become familiar with how your breasts normally look and feel once a month. In case you do find something suspicious, like dark area in the breast it is better to see your doctor for advice. You should know that lumps or other changes in the breast do not necessarily mean you have breast cancer, but it is better to ask for advice as soon as possible.

The device is completely safe for skin or breast tissue, using skin sensing technology. It is not advised to use it in the shower since the Breastlight is not waterproof. Also if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, Breatslight may not be recommended since during this period the readings may not be accurate enough. The device works on breast tissue so if you had a total mastectomy after breast cancer, the examination with this tool will be uninformative.