CARE Bracelet Warns Pregnant Women about Radiation

Apr 12, 2011
Most people become increasingly anxious about radiation, especially with the recent events in Japan. However, in our everyday life we also face some amount of radiation from different devices.

It is known that radiation can be especially harmful for pregnant women, children and young people, who are more vulnerable to radiation hazards. During pregnancy, the cells of an embryo divide very fast and any interventions can lead to negative consequences, such as birth defects or miscarriage.

The CARE bracelet is concept developed by Gang Wang, Bin Xiao and Yanyan Cheng of The Fun Team, that warns pregnant women about the high levels of radiation.

The bracelet that could be safely worn by a woman changes its color from green to pink and starts vibrating, if the level of radiation becomes too high, warning the mother to leave the contaminated place.

Unfortunately, this health gadget is just a concept now, but let's hope it will soon be available to those, who need it the most.