Circumcision and Sexual Pleasure

May 20, 2009
Circumcision is a surgical procedure of removing the foreskin of the penis. Nowadays, circumcision is one of the most wide-spread and controversial procedures performed due to personal or religious reasons.

Circumcision is believed to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, but many specialists still question if circumcision is necessary. One of the most debated questions related to circumcision is whether or not it affects sexual sensation and sexual pleasure for men.

Do circumcised men experience decreased sexual sensations? Many scientists argue about the role of foreskin for a man and his sexual pleasure. According to the Circumcision Information Resource Center, the foreskin not only protects the glans from infections and injury, but plays an important sensory role.

The study published in the April 2007 issue of the British Journal of Urology showed that circumcision removes the most sensitive areas of man's penis. Scientists made a "sensitivity map" of the penis and found that five of the most receptive areas are normally removed during circumcision.

The recent study from the US and Kenya published in the British Journal of Urology found that there was no difference in sexual sensations between circumcised and uncircumcised men.

Nevertheless, many men claim about decreased sexual sensations due to the fact that it is the movement of the foreskin during friction that brings the most pleasure. Some men report about increased sexual satisfaction for them and their partners because after circumcision they were less likely to experience premature ejaculation, which they considered to be a benefit rather than a disadvantage.

While circumcision is believed to cut the risk of STD's and penile cancer, it may also hold some risks, including decreased sexual sensations. However, sexual satisfaction also depends on emotional and psychological aspects and circumcision can be just one of the numerous factors that lead to decreased sexual pleasure for a man.