Clothing that Protects Moms-to-Be from Radiation

Sep 21, 2010
While it is still not clear how harmful radiation from cell phones and other tech can be, many scientists think that it is better to prevent the possible side effects, rather than wait for the definitive results from the studies. In addition, many people nowadays are worried about the increased use of cell phones, iPods, BlackBeries and this especially refers to pregnant women.

Belly Armor is a range of clothing and blankets by RadiaShield company, based in Singapore and New York that claims to protect a pregnant women and her unborn child from radiation. Their line of T-shirts, belly bands and blankets is made using radiation shield technology. The maternity clothing is made of conductive textile featuring fibers and metal, which serve as a radiation barrier. Besides, Belly Armor fabric is lightweight, absolutely safe, soft and easily machine-washable.

The trials conducted by the Shanghai Institute of measurement and Testing Technology showed that the T-shirts and the blankets were able to prevent from 90 to 99 percent of radiation from cell phones and other tech.

Currently, Belly Armor line is available online and in stores in Asia and San Francisco.