Coffee Extract Helps to Cure Bad Breath

Jun 25, 2009
A component found in coffee slows the growth of bacteria that leads to malodorous smell from the mouth, a new study shows.

Researchers from Tel Aviv University discovered that coffee extract has a positive effect on a person's breath, preventing the breakdown of bacteria that causes bad breath. It is commonly believed that coffee consumption leads to bad breath, and it happens if a person drinks coffee with milk, which creates a favorable environment for the bacteria.

Now scientists have found that coffee might be actually a new bad breath cure due to its components. Proffesor Mel Rosenberg of TAU's Sackler Faculty of Medicine conducted an experiment where different brands of coffee were tested to find, if coffee causes smelly effect in saliva. Surprisingly, the researchers revealed that coffee extract had a positive effect on bad breath.

Bad breath or also known as halitosis is common problem caused by an excessive growth of bacteria in the mouth. This often happens due to poor oral hygiene, poor tongue cleaning, and gum disease, dehydration in the mouth, smoking, bad diet or other causes. Effective oral hygiene such as proper teeth and tongue brushing is considered to be effective in preventing bad breath.

Scientists want to isolate the bacteria-inhibiting component for further production of anti-bacterial breath mints, gums and mouthwashes.

The study was presented at the International Society for Breath Odour Research in Germany.