Coffee, Tea and Chocolate - a Secret to Longevity

Oct 20, 2008
For many years people try to find a key to long and healthy life. One of the recent studies made by nutritional scientists from Britain revealed chocolate, coffee and tea are among essentials that prolong lifespan.

Gary Williamson, professor at Leeds University completed a list of 20 "lifespan essential" products that can slow down ageing process. Most of the food consists of fruits and vegetables that contain polyphenols that are known to have numerous health benefits. The high levels of polyphenols prevent different types of cancer, play a protective role for heart and vessels and protect against nerve damage.

Vegetables and fruits rich in polyphenols top the list and include apples, blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, oranges, plums, peaches, raspberries, red grapes, cherries, broccoli, cereal bran, cherry tomatoes, red onions, spinach and strawberries. In addition, scientists include black and green tea, coffee and dark chocolate that are recommended in moderation daily.

All the longevity products are claimed to increase the lifespan, protecting cells from natural damage. Ageing process is determined by genetic factors and lifestyle choices.

Professor Williamson said that lack of products rich in polyphenols in the diet increase the chances of acquiring a chronic disease. A diet, containing polyphenol-rich products which have naturally occurring chemicals as tannins, lignins and flavonoids may significantly increase the genetically-determined lifespan.