Compression Clothing For Better Health and Performance

Oct 08, 2010
Nowadays, active wear clothing is so sophisticated that you can not only burn more calories wearing it during workouts, but also make you stronger and faster.

Wearing the right clothing during workouts is just as important as planning your workouts. Compression clothing is often worn by professional athletes not only to prevent injures, but also make training more effective.

Several studies have pointed out that compression clothing can help you prevent such conditions as venous thrombosis, muscle and joints injures. It also reduces lactic acid buildup and exertion, while improving your endurance and overall performance.

There is a variety of compression clothing available in the markets nowadays, including compression tights, socks, tops and vests. Specially designed shape of the compression clothing allows to reduce vibration and to hold the muscles in optimal position. The elastic fibers of the clothing put pressure to the surface of the skin. This increases blood flow, prevents dehydration and swelling, and provides support to specific areas, like leg muscles, lower back, abs, joints. As a result you feel more comfortable and stronger to run faster and longer or perform other workouts.

You can also use compression clothing to improve your health, wearing it to recover better. Many people start with the compression socks that promise to reduce muscle strain, supporting key muscles and improving blood flow. They can be helpful for those, who have to work standing all day long or those who lead an active lifestyle.