Coping with Excessive Sweating

Jul 10, 2009
Everybody sweats, but some people produce too much sweat, which makes their live more uncomfortable and stressful. Sweat stains and bad armpit odor can create certain problems in your personal life and at work. Many factors may contribute to excessive sweating, like genetics, medical conditions (diabetes, liver disease etc.), medications and diet. There are several ways to manage excessive sweating and body odor:

Personal hygiene

Take a shower on a daily basis, using an antibacterial soap once or twice a day to get rid of bacteria that cause unpleasant body odor. Dry your armpits and other parts of the body with the towel. Keep your underarm area dry throughout the day, using hand wipes if necessary. Shaving underarm area also will reduce excessive sweating and odor.

Opt for Right Clothes

Choose clothes and underwear made of cotton instead of synthetic materials such nylon, and polyester or rayon. Cotton breathes well, absorbing and releasing sweat quickly, keeping your body cool. If you are worried about sweat spots on your clothes, try to wear loose garments.

Deodorants and Antiperspirants

Apply deodorant/antiperspirant regularly to eliminate body odor. Antiperspirants are more effective as they reduce the production of apocrine sweat. They mostly contain aluminum chloride, which blocks the excessive sweating. Deodorants simply mask body odor and often contain antibacterial agents.

Change Your Diet

Avoid eating spicy food like curry, cumin, garlic, onion as well as too much fatty products, red meat, refined food if you notice that consumption of these foods leads to excessive sweating. Also limit the amount of caffeine and alcohol. Eat more vegetables and fruits, including green leafy vegetables like parsley to reduce strong odor. Make sure you get enough of zinc and magnesium in your diet or through supplements.

Home Treatments

Apply some talc or baby powder on you armpits and other areas that sweat more. This will help absorb some sweat and keep you dry.

You may also try using white or apple vinegar to eliminate body odor. Apply some vinegar to your underarms after taking shower and drying. The acidic environment changes the pH level of the skin, preventing the excessive growth of bacteria.

Camomile, sage, rosemary and tea tree oils are known to work as natural deodorants. Use only diluted oils to apply on the armpits.

Some specialists advice to take chlorophyll supplements, which may help in absorbing body odor.

Other options

If nothing from the mentioned above works for you, it may be the time to take some radical measures. Treatment for excessive sweating includes:
  • Weight loss management in case you are overweight

  • Botox injections that block swat glands for up to six to nine months.

  • Surgery that cuts the nerves that control sweat glands

  • Sweat suction procedure is an innovative technique to remove sweat glands.

  • Iontophoresis a procedure that stops the activity of the sweat by passing mild electric current through skin.