CosyCool Duvet Helps Couples Sleep Blissfully

Jan 17, 2011
Are you constantly fighting over the blanket with your partner? No matter how strong your love is, each of you has individual preferences and habits.

A British couple has invented CosyCool "His and Hers" duvet that makes sleeping together more comfortable for both partners. Ruth Pressman and her husband Ian Pressman had hard times sleeping in one bed, as she needed more warmth, while her husband was hot under their duvet. Before they turned to the only solution, a twin bed, they came up with the idea of creating a duvet that suits both of them.

CosyCool is a double duvet that comes with additional half-duvets, which can be added to suit your or your partner's preferences. The CosyCool duvet includes one 4.5 tog main duvet and four additional half duvets 4.5 tog that can be attached to create the best combination for a couple. The duvets are made of 100 percent cotton jacquard and filled with siliconised microfiber that is non-allergenic and resistant to dustmites. The CosyCool duvet is machine-washable for easy care and cleaning.