Create Your own Skincare with Codage

May 11, 2011
If you are meticulous about the ingredients in your skincare, you may need an individual approach in this area. Nowadays consumers become more and more knowledgeable about the benefits and dangers of certain ingredients and do not want to apply to their skin just anything that sounds too good to be true. That's why a French company Codage decided to give their consumers an opportunity to design their own skin care products.

They allow users to decide, which ingredients to choose and what concentration to have. First, you can follow the online diagnostic to find out about the needs and metabolism of your skin. After you find out your skin characteristics, the Codage gives recommendations on basic ingredients and their concentrations in nutritional supplements and serums for face and eyes. You can select from this list of ingredients and change the composition according to your preferences.

The Codage skin care line is all natural, does not contain parabens and phthalates and improves your skin from the outside as well as inside.