Crystal Light Pure Fitness Keeps You Hydrated with Fewer Calories

Jul 29, 2010
It is very important to stay hydrated during hot summer days and to drink a lot of water since water plays great role for your health. But many people are reluctant to drink pure water and drink sweet beverages, which can add you extra calories.

Crystal Light has introduced the new range of low-calorie beverages called Crystal Light On The Go Pure Fitness, which are naturally sweetened fitness drinks without any artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors or preservatives. The new drink will keep you hydrated during physical activities and in any other situation when you need water. The lightly sweetened drink contains electrolytes sodium and potassium to aid hydration. It has only 15 calories per serving and contains natural sweeteners from the stevia plant and maltodextrin to add some sweet taste to your water.

Crystal Light Pure Fitness drinks include those with Lemon Lime, Grape, Strawberry Kiwi flavors to help you feel hydrated, fresh and cool. It is claimed that women who drink Crystal Light drinks will drink 20 percent more water, which will ensure that you will get the proper amount of water during the day.