Jan 21, 2009
Can certain personality traits affect our health? Swedish scientists claim that calm and outgoing people are at lower risk of developing dementia.

The study conducted by Dr Hui-Xin Wang, from the Karolinska Institute, Sweden revealed that some people are more inclined to have dementia. The study that lasted for 6 years included 506 participants who did not have dementia. At the end of the study researchers reported that 144 people developed dementia.

Jul 31, 2008
A new study found that middle-aged people who are single face the increased risk of developing dementia.

Swedish researchers point out that social interaction between partners could be a key to protecting the brain from the illness.

The study conducted at the Karolinska Institute involved 1,449 partnered and non-partnered people who were asked about their relationship status in midlife and then again after 21 years to find if they had developed dementia.