Device that Prevents Hemorrhoids During ChildBirth

Mar 01, 2011
Many women, who gave birth, know that along with joy of motherhood, they often get unpleasant surprises, like hemorrhoids. This often happens due to the prolonged labor and increased pressure on the anus.

Plexus Biomedical Inc.. received FDA approval of the first device that prevents external hemorroids during vaginal childbirth. The Hem-Avert Perianal Stabilizer was developed by David Blurton, the company's CEO, who decided to create a gadget that could help women during childbirth after he faced his wife's problem.

The Hem-Avert Perianal Stabilizer is made of medical grade polycarbonate with a cushion pad in the center of the device, which is placed inside with the help of lateral hook and loop fasteners attached to adhesive tape.

The Hem-Avert device is applied externally and non-invasively, supporting the perianal region during labor and delivery. This tool is recommended to use only during vaginal deliveries. During the clinical trials the novel device helped all women avoid hemorrhoids, when compared to 25 percent of women in the control group that had hemorrhoids during vaginal delivery.