Diet Helps to Conceive a Girl, Study Shows

Sep 06, 2010
If you want to conceive a girl, you should opt for the right food and have regular sex, scientists say.

The recent study at Maastricht University in the Netherlands revealed that the preferences in mother's diet and timing of sex play an important role in conception of a boy or a girl.

If a woman wants to conceive a girl, she should choose foods, high in calcium and magnesium. These may include hard cheese, yoghurt, canned salmon, spinach, almonds, oatmeal, broccoli, tofu, oranges and magnesium-rich foods such as whole wheat products, beans, figs, cashews and others.

The study involved 172 women aged from 23 to 42, who already had boys. During the study, the women were told to follow a girl diet, which prescribed to eat at least a pound of dairy products every day, reducing salt intake and having regular sex, but not timing it at days immediately before or after ovulation.

In spite of the fact that many women failed to keep to the study's requirements, concerning women's diet and sex life, there were still 21 women, who managed to follow the rules. The results showed that 16 out of 21 women, who stuck to a girl diet, gave birth to a girl.

Scientists say that 80 percent success rate means that their diet recommendations and timing sex methods work and women, who want to conceive a girl, should follow these rules.

It is known that sperm with the female gene is usually stronger and lives longer that sperm with male gene. Scientists recommend having sex around the time of ovulation, if you want a boy and 2 to 3 days before ovulation if a woman wants a girl.

Previous studies also showed that women, who had given birth to boys, ate mostly potassium and sodium-rich foods, such as bacon, blue cheese, potatoes, pastries, bread, olives, salami and others.


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Great study! We are following the Girl Diet. So easy to follow and I am hoping for a girl this time around, as I already have two boys.

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