Best Dinnerware and Gadgets For Portion Control

Oct 26, 2011
Keeping your meal portions within certain range is important for weight loss.

However, those who want to lose or maintain optimal weight often find it too complicated to count calories or do not know exactly what size their portions should be.

In this case we all need some motivation to stick to our weight los plan.

Here are some dinnerware items and gadgets that will help you keep your portions under control.

Escali Primo Digital Multifunctional Scale

The use of food scale will make your life a lot easier. This digital scale is compact, spill-proof unit that is easy to read and clean.

You can weight different types of products from fruits and vegetables to fish and meat and even use tare feature to weigh products without weighing container.

The accuracy of the Escali Primo Digital Multifunctional Scale is 0.1 ounces or 1 gram.

Slimware plates

What is the right serving size? The stylish Slimware plates will increase your portion awareness and help you maintain healthy eating habits.

The imagery on the plate tells about food portions serving as a visual reminder of the size of the vegetables, protein and carbs in your plate.

All the plates remain elegant, lightweight, shatterproof, scratch-resistant and dishwasher safe.

Meal Measure

Meal Measure is a convenient solution for measuring your food on the plate.

The cavities in Meal Measure are meant for vegetables or fruits, starch and protein and follow the recommended USD My Pyramid serving sizes.

All you need is to place the meal measure on your plate and fill the cavities for the correct portion sizes. It fits most dinner plates.

The Bite Counter

The Bite Counter is a health gadget that was created to keep track of your bites during eating. The sensors of the device watch over rolling motions of your wrist that indicate that you've taken a bite.

In case you've exceeded the limit, it sounds an alarm, warning you to discontinue eating.

Measure Up Portion Control Bowls

These simple bowls feature markings for different portion sizes to let you know where to stop.

It can be used for measuring cereals, pastas, rice, salads, soups and other products.

The Classic Measure Up Bowl has 1/2, 1, 1-1/2 and 2 cups pre-measured portions on the interior of the bowl.

The small bowl is best suitable for calorie-dense, high-fat foods. The bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe.