Do Lubricants Harm Sperm?

Nov 15, 2010
Using personal lubricants when trying to conceive may actually lower your chances for successful conception, Swiss researchers say.

In fact, the study funded by Hygis company in Switzerland, found that only Pre-Seed Personal Lubricant,one out of four non-spermicidal lubricants tested, was safe to use if you want to get pregnant.

During the study the researchers exposed donated sperm to personal non-spermicidal lubricants and then examined how the sperm was affected. The results showed that three out of the four lubricants, including Felis Lubricant, Replens Vaginal Moisturiser and Aquasonic Ultrasound Gel slowed down sperm movement by up to 88 percent. These lubricants are commonly used to relieve vaginal dryness or for medical purposes, for example, to perform ultrasonography during fertility treatment.

The only lubricant that did not affect sperm motility was Pre-Seed lubricant, which can be safely used by couples trying to conceive.

Other lubricants that are widely-used in US, such as K-Y Jelly and Astroglide were not included in the study, but their contents are similar to those that were used during the experiment and thus may also reduce sperm movement.

Specialists say that if you need to use a lubricant during sexual intercourse and want to get pregnant, it is better not to use any or use Pre-Seed lubricant that does not interfere with the cervical mucus pH and is sperm-friendly.