Do Not Skip Breakfast to Have a Baby Boy

Oct 21, 2010
Many parents secretly want a baby of a certain gender, even if they say that the most important thing is a healthy child. If you dream about having a baby boy, eating more probably won't make you feel guilty. Specialists at the University of Missouri say that you have more chances to have a baby boy, if you eat your breakfast and even if you indulge in high fat foods at the time of conception.

Otherwise, low fat diets and fasts are better left for those, who want to have a baby girl. Researchers claim that low fat diet at the time of conception may contribute to fewer baby boys because male fetuses are known to be the weaker sex in the uterus.

If you want to try other gender selection methods, you can become familiar with one of the most popular books called How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby developed by well-known Dr. Shettles and David Rorvik. Surely, you may not be a firm believer in the methods that give you the opportunity to conceive a baby boy or baby girl, but the authors claim that the Shettles method works in 75 percent of cases.

And even if you fall within those 25 percent, who will have a girl instead of a boy after reading the book, you can certainly read it to get to know your fertility signs better and increase your overall chances of conception.