DryBath Shower Gel Does Not Require Water

Jun 21, 2012
Imagine being stuck somewhere in the middle of your trip with no water to clean yourself. In this case you will probably need a DryBath, the innovative gel that makes you fresh and clean without water. The gel was developed by Ludwick Marishane, student from South Africa, who was inspired by his friend being too lazy to use a shower, especially when there is no hot water available.

The DryBath is exactly what you need to clean youself without bathing. It is different from most antibacterial washes and does not have strong alcohol smell. It is odorless and creates biodegradable cleansing film with moisturizers.

Not only such shower gel can be useful for millions of people living in areas where every drop of water is precious, but it also saves water.

Marishane received one of the most prestigious awards for undergraduate students, 2011 Global Student Entrepreneur of the Year Award and his DryBath will soon become available for airline passengers and soldiers.