DuoFertility: Tracking Your Most Fertile Days

Apr 08, 2009
Now you may not need to wake up every morning to take basal body temperature or pee on a stick to find out when you are most fertile. An innovative device called DuoFertility created by UK company Cambridge University Concepts is a new way to monitor woman's fertility for successful conception.

What is DuoFertility?

DuoFertility is a wireless system that measures woman's basal body temperature (BBT) and helps her keep track of other fertility symptoms to increase her chances for conception. The small sensor that takes your BBT is attached to a patch and worn under your arm tracking the temperature changes to let you know your fertility status. The teardrop-shaped reader is the size of a common make-up compact with several icons that indicate the functions.

How it works?

DuoFertility measures and records the temperature of your skin continuously throughout the night. Usually, in order to determine ovulation woman needs to take her body basal temperature early in the morning upon waking up. During the first phase of menstrual cycle the BBT is lower, while right before ovulation, the temperature may slightly drop and then increase.

The device is designed to track these temperature changes continuously and to notify about your most fertile days without the necessity to wake up and take the temperature with a thermometer. This method is considered to be more accurate since the sensor works throughout the night and indicates slightest temperature swings. It constantly collects information about temperature every few seconds. If you want to see the results you can read from the device at any time.

There are also additional options for those women who want to keep track of their fertility. You can also enter information about other fertility signs like changes in cervical mucus and position of the cervix to have detailed information about your fertile days every month. DuoFertility system goes with USB connection so that you can have a look at all your fertility data on your computer.