The Easydream Soothing System Makes Your Child Feel Like in the Womb

Feb 25, 2011
Many scientists say that birth is a shocking experience for a baby, who was living in safe and warm environment of the mother's womb. First months of a baby's life are especially difficult for parents as the baby accommodates to a new world.

The Easidream Soothing System is a gadget that is designed to make the transition from the womb to the world smoother for a baby. The system consists of a mat and the plush toy that imitates womb life.

The ewan the dream sheep is a toy-like device that emits soothing sounds at low base frequency and soft pink glow, which both create peaceful sleeping environment. The relaxing sounds are actual recordings of the heartbeat and womb, pink noise sounds and such combinations as hoover, rain and harp sounds with the womb sequence. These sounds were tested on babies and toddlers and were effective for children up to 7 years old.

The specially designed mat that is placed under the mattress rocks gently to imitate motions experienced in the womb. Together with soothing sounds and soft glow, it creates a perfect environment, where your baby feels comfortable and falls asleep easier.

The trials conducted by the scientists at the University of Brighton showed that the Easidream Soothing System can reduce time of settling your baby by 19 percent and baby's crying time from 18 minutes to one minute.