EASYWAKEme Wakes You Up When You are Ready for It

May 31, 2011
The loud sound of an alarm clock can be quite irritating in the morning, especially when you are still in deep sleep, making you feel drowsy and disoriented. That's why it is important to wake up when your body is ready for that.

EASYWAKEme is an alarm clock system that helps you wake up at the best possible time. It works with your mobile phone and includes a sensor device worn on the wrist and software installed on your mobile phone. When you go to bed, you need to wear the sensor and set the latest time to wake up in the morning. The EASYWAKEme gadget tracks you sleep patterns and finds out the right time to wake you up. This works by using the adaptive 3D Sleep Capture technology that analyzes body motions during sleep and changes in sleep patterns, particularly the transition from deep sleep to the stage that is the closest to the awakening.

The data is sent to your mobile phone via Bluetooth to wake you up with gentle melody and vibration. You also can choose your favorite sound to wake you up for a cheerful and refreshed state.

The smart alarm clock system also allows you to automatically upload and view your sleep information on the manufacturer's website.
Via [EasyWakeMe.com]