EatDifferent App Improves Your Eating Habits

Jan 26, 2012
Whether you want to lose weight or improve your lifestyle by eating healthier, you may need a motivational tool to stick to your promises.

EatDifferent is a new app that helps you set goals and track your progress on a daily basis. The app allows you to stay aware of your eating habits, such as "avoid processed food" or "added sugar" or "eat more grains", reminding you about your promises every day. You can see how well you do by entering your meals via email, desktop or mobile. You can detail how your meal affected your diet goals using the app.

EatDifferent app notifies you in case you forget to enter your meal and shows how well you improved your diet using graphs. This gives you visual information on your progress and you can share it with other members of EatDifferent community. You can also use your Facebook account to sign up, but it's not necessary.