Eating Breakfast Helps in Fighting Obesity

Mar 04, 2008
Breakfast is an important meal, helping you to stay fit especially if you are a teenager, scientists say.

As much as 2,000 adolescents took part in a study to find the link between the frequency of eating breakfast and changes in body weight during a five year old period.

The findings showed that having a breakfast regularly contributes to healthier diet in comparison to those who avoided breakfast. Those who ate breakfast every morning were more physically active than those who skipped the first meal of the day, especially during adolescence.

The results of five year old study indicated that breakfast eaters have lower body mass index and gain less weight. The body mass index is a common indicator that measures weight height ratio and can be a good indicator of obesity risk.

Mark Pereira, a researcher of the University of Minnesota project EAT, explained that this study follows the research highlighting the importance of eating habits such as having breakfast or skipping it and obesity risk depending on the size and duration of the breakfast.

Even taking into account other factors like physical activity, the significance of having breakfast is great and as study suggests actually helps to reduce obesity risk.

The risk of obesity had increased over the recent decades with twice as many children and three times as many adolescents suffering from it. Up to 24 percent of children and teenagers do not have breakfast and this percentage tends to increase. The research suggests that skipping the breakfast is not a good way to lose weight, but rather quite the opposite.

If you want to lose weight, you should start by eating well and exercising. While this sounds like a cliche, it's the most important thing you can do for your health. If you can't find a doctor to answer your medical questions about diet and nutrition, do an online search.