Eco-friendly Massage Mat for Ultimate Relaxation

Feb 08, 2011
If you are one of those people, who gets excited about alternative medicine, and moreover, you are an eco-conscious person, then you'll definitely take benefits from using massaging tool made of natural materials only.

Advaita Pranamat Eco is a massage mat that is made of 100% natural organic materials, such as pure linen, eco-friendly paint, nature-friendly H.I.P.S. plastic that is biodegradable, coconut fibers and others.

The lotus design of the massaging pads symbolizes purity, spirituality, creation and are meant to balance your body and soul. The massaging lotuses on the mat massage skin and increase blood flow and lymph circulation, which have a beneficial effect on the body.  Pranamat Eco is said to increase your energy level, reduce pain, tone your body and improve skin elasticity, reduce stress and depression, relieve muscle tension and do many other good things to your mental and physical health.

Just like with other massaging therapeutic mats you may need to get used to it for a while, but the results will leave you satisfied.