Ecotones Duet Sound Machine Is a Sleep-Inducing Device for All Family

Jan 14, 2011
Many new parents know that very often it is quite difficult to make your child go to bed. And the parents themselves often suffer from sleep deprivation, which adds tension to overall tiredness.

Ecotones Duet Sound Machine is designed to deal with sleep problems, helping you and your family members relax and fall asleep easily without any drugs. The Ecotones Duet plays 10 long high quality natural sound recordings that create the right sleep environment. You can modify the length of the sound recordings, by using the richness setting control to add your favorable sounds for playing it as long as you wish.

But probably the most appealing feature of the Ecotone Duet is its patented Adaptive Sound Technology that masks the unwanted sounds. This system allows listening to the environmental noises, such as cars, roommates, barking dogs and others and changes the volume so that to neutralize the noise and make you listen to the relaxing sounds only.

This sound machine has everything to use it comfortably at night: sleep timers with automatic and gradual off function and display controls. And the only thing you have to care for is your sound sleep.