Electronic Eyeglasses to Substitute Bifocals

Jun 23, 2010
New electronic glasses that allow you to see near and far objects were developed by US firm.

PixelOptics introduced their emPower!™  lenses for people, who need eyeglasses with two different strengths. Usually, the desired effect is obtained with bifocals, eyewear with two lenses for near vision and far vision.

The novel lenses are covered with liquid crystal that changes their reflective index when the electrical charge passing through it. This technology allows changing focal length according to the direction a person is looking at. This happens almost immediately as you press the button manually at the sides of the eyeglasses.

Motion sensors in emPower!™  lenses also make it possible to adjust focal distance automatically. The eyeglasses have a wider range of settings than bifocal eyeglasses, including far, near and in-between.

Commonly used bifocals are meant for people who need correction to see clearly at different distances. However, many users find bifocals uncomfortable to wear, reporting about such common problems as headache and dizziness. With new eyeglasses you will not have such problems, because they significantly reduce distortion.

It took more than 10 years for PixelOptics to develop electronic eyeglasses. The emPower!™ eyeglasses will be released in the US at the end of the year.